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This tool allows you to change settings of lists and columns which are not available trough the webinterface or with sharepointdesigner.

Project Description
A small tool which helps to:
* attach/detach EventReceiver
* set attributes of fields and lists which can't be edited trough the ui or SPDesigner
* make a column readonly, hidden or undeleteable
* manage where the column are displayed

Q: What does the current version specially?
A: Look at the V0.8 R1 for SharePoint 2010 - page to find details.


A demo can be found on youtube

Click here to get the certificate which is used to sign the app: DBedarfCodeplexPublic.cer.
For more Informations look at the FAQ.

Remember: To run this tool you need the sharepoint object model on the executing machine. E.g. installed sharepoint server or sharepoint foundation.

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